Engraved Hourglass Whiskey Decanter

Marquis Hourglass Decanter


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  • MaterialCrystal (leaded)
    Height10.5 in
    Capacity28 oz
    Production1 to 3 business days
    PackagingWaterford Marquis Gift Box
    Clean and contemporary, the Marquis Hourglass Decanter by Waterford Crystal is characterized by modern styling and full-bodied elegance. Highlight the color and hue of fine spirits, whiskey and brandy with this beautiful personalized crystal whiskey decanter. Personalized engraving adds that special touch transforming a memorable gift into a treasured keepsake.

    Engraving Process

    We use a computerized laser engraving process that created a permanent frosted white engraving mark against the clear background. As opposed to sand blasting, this highly accurate method of engraving does not create a deep groove but lightly etched the surface of the crystal, allowing us to work with even the most intricate and highly detailed designs.

    Artwork Color

    Since our crystal products are engraved rather than printed or color filled, the engraving mark will have a uniform, frosted white appearance against the clear crystal background with t lightly textured feel to the touch. As such, we are unable to re-create different colors or gradients therefore all artwork will be represented in a single color clipart/lineart format.

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